Moringa Pods Powder

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    1. Consists of antioxidants that help boost up your immunity. 
    2. Great source of protein for your vegetarian diet. 
    3. Lowers cholesterol levels. 
    4. Improves digestion and keeps the gut healthy. 
    5. Contains amino acids and proteins which lead to healthy hair growth and reduced hair fall.
    6. Antibiotic and antibacterial properties that help treat stomach disorders such as constipation, gastritis and ulcerative colitis. 
    7. Protects the liver from damage by anti-tubercular drugs and can quicken its repair process.

    From buttermilk and smoothies to dosas and pancake batter, Moringa Pods Powder can be used anywhere and everywhere.

    The perfect match for your mundane drinks, our Moringa Pods Powder is jam-packed with proteins, antioxidants & vitamins that enhance the goodness of this blend. Made from Moringa, Moringa Pods Powder makes for a great daily supplement that refreshes your taste buds. A flavour-rich mix that will leave you craving for more!



    How does Moringa Pods Powder differ from Moringa Powder?

    Moringa Powder is made from Moringa leaves, whereas Moringa Pods Powder is made from the whole drumstick.

    What is the optimal quantity to be consumed every day?

    Consuming 6-8 grams per day should provide you with all the essential nutrients.

    How to use Moringa Pods Powder?

    • Moringa Pods Powder + buttermilk
    • Blend it with green juices/smoothies
    • Add it to curries
    • Mix it with dosa/roti/pancake batter
    • Sprinkle on salads

    Does Moringa Pods Powder help with arthritis?

    Yes. Moringa Pods have natural anti-inflammatory properties that help treat the inflammation, pain, and swelling brought on by arthritis.

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