4 Fascinating Benefits of Using Moringa for Better Skin

4 Fascinating Benefits of Moringa for Skin | The Good Leaf

Green tea leaves and turmeric can take a pause and make way for the underestimated Miracle Tree – Moringa. The use of the Moringa plant in various forms has been researched upon for centuries in the field of herbal medicine. With time, Moringa has slowly been gaining traction for the right reasons, one of them being – Skin Care.

Here are a few benefits of using Moringa as a part of your skincare routine –


1. Brightens skin and delays ageing

Loaded with Vitamin A, Moringa is a gift for those who have problematic skin. The presence of this shiny vitamin makes you experience the luxury of having nearly perfect skin. It nurtures the skin cells to rejuvenate themselves at light speed and reduce tricky breakouts with topical application. It also fades blemishes, fights pigmentation, and straightens the wrinkle lines to oblivion.

2. Reduces inflammation

Moringa has anti-microbial properties which help in reducing bacteria-influenced skin inflammations. It also prevents skin breakage and irregularity, leaving you with smooth and supple skin. Imagine applying natural skin cream to leave you feeling fresh, healthy, and glowing. That’s Moringa for you! 

3. Acts as a moisturising agent

Moringa is rich in Vitamin E which makes it act as an effective anti-oxidant, it’s so effective that it can be referred to as a moisturising magnet. When you’re out and under the sun, your skin gets exposed to pollution which will make your skin dry, flaky and puffed up. But thanks to Moringa, its Vitamin E content and the richness of Omega fatty acids, the epidermal water loss is prevented and hence, your skin stays hydrated and moisturised.

4. Delays ageing

Ever dreamt of delaying ageing? Moringa makes it happen by acting as an anti-ageing agent. As a surprising cocktail of vitamins, Moringa catalyses collagen rejuvenation, reduces pigmentation, and makes your skin healthier. By neutralizing the oxygen radicals that dent the skin DNA, Moringa tangibly reverses ageing and keeps you looking fresh and young.

Is there something that Moringa can’t do? There is so much more to discuss this good leaf. We can’t share with you more about this ingredient and its benefits in our future blogs. For now, take a sip of water and apply our Moringa Face Pack. If you are wondering about where to get one, check out our range of Moringa Skin Care products on our website.

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