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Our Story

Welcome to The Good leaf, your daily dose of wellness! Established in May 2017, we take pride in introducing ourselves as a new age super green brand that strives to provide health and happiness by tapping the potential of the super green Moringa.

The Good Leaf provides the most nutritious and tasty Moringa available in an attractive range of products, rich in vitamins, calcium, iron and anti-oxidants.

By hand-garnering only the young, fresh Moringa leaves and pods, we ensure that our Moringa powder is more nutrient-dense and at the same time way less bitter than the anything else available in the market.

Moringa Magic

Called as the “miracle tree”, Moringa has been in practice effectively for thousands of years in traditional medicine. Its significance had been in a silent phase until recent scientific research has started to bring out the super powers of this small leafy plant.

Moringa shows promising abilities to support new mothers with lactation, reduce glucose levels for diabetic patients, increase cardio-health, boost immunity, and many more. Now all this wellness can’t go unused. Hence came the advent of Moringa products that ably adds more balance to a healthy life.

The leaves, pods, the Moringa itself – everything about it is so healthy. The matured Moringa is sorted and cut in to small pieces and shadow dried. It is then grinded fine. The powder obtained is then sieved and packed. That’s Moringa Magic, packed fresh for you!

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Our cultivation farmlands are based in Karur, one of the highest production regions of Moringa in the country, and we export our high quality products across the globe. With our fully equipped operations set up backed by state of art technology,

we make sure the natural essence of the product is not harmed during the journey of The Good Leaf reaching your hands. One leaf at a time, we are here to make a difference!