PCOS Combo

Rs. 1,726
All inclusive of taxes

1). Tulsi Herbal Tea - 329/-
2). Moringa Honey - 649/-
3). Moringa Powder - 299/-
4). Moringa Capsules - 449/-

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is one of the most common problems experienced by women today. A few symptoms include irregular or missed periods, weight gain, acne or oily skin, hair loss, dark or thick skin patches on the back of the neck, in armpits and under the breasts, and excessive hair growth in the chest, back and stomach.

Statistics show that 1 in 10 women are diagnosed with PCOS every day. And among every 10 women suffering from PCOS, 6 are teenage girls. The earlier they’re diagnosed, the better. PCOS casts a harmful impact on one’s health in the long run. Women find themselves struggling with ovarian cysts and a hormonal imbalance that tampers with their ability to reproduce. There’s also a risk of miscarriage, premature birth or complications related to pregnancy.

Our PCOS Combo was made with the intention of helping these women keep their symptoms in check. The combo includes - Tulsi Herbal Tea, Moringa Honey, Moringa Powder and Moringa Capsules.


1. Reduces pigmentation and helps get rid of blemishes. 
2. Contains isothiocyanate and niazimicin which prevent arteries from thickening, thus reducing high blood pressure. 
3. Hydrating and detoxifying elements that make way for cleaner skin and healthy hair growth. 
4. Boosts immunity. 
5. Anti-androgen and anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce testosterone levels.
6. Rich in iron which helps increase red blood cells count. 
7. Reduces acne and blackheads. 
8.  Acts as a stress buster. 


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