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Moringa Honey

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Honey has always been one of many ingredients that our mothers and grandmothers gave us every time we had a throat infection or to quicken the healing process of a wound. The Good Leaf just takes this to a whole other level by adding Moringa to the mix.

Moringa Honey is a potent blend of all-natural components with no added colour, derived from premium quality natural honey and the nectar of Moringa flowers. We combine the superfood properties of Moringa with Honey to create the healthiest sweetener there is. You could add one spoon of Moringa Honey to the beverage you’re drinking to balance the sweetness, drizzle it over your waffles and pancakes, massage it on your skin, use it as a dessert sweetener and/or mix it in your hair mask for its moisturising properties. Suitable for all age groups to consume, this all-natural powerful honey works around the clock to deliver excellent nutrition, support attractive skin, and restore vitality.



Pure Organic Moringa Honey 


  1. Works as an excellent replacement for refined sugar
  2. Aids in detoxifying the gut
  3. Helps to relieve joints/ Arthritis pain
  4. Topical applications reduce pigmentation and blemishes
  5. Brings out skin’s natural glow


This natural blend can be used internally as well as externally, a few ways to use it in your everyday life are:

  1. Add a spoonful in your tea/coffee/green tea/smoothies to balance the sweetness
  2. Drizzle over waffles/ pancakes for a wholesome taste
  3. Use it as a sweetener in desserts like Kheer, Custard, and Yogurt to enjoy guilt-free
  4. Massage a few drops onto clean skin every day to deeply nourish
  5. Mix in your hair mask to provide added moisture

1) Can kids have Moringa Honey?
Yes, kids who are above the age of 1 can have Moringa honey.

2) What is the sugar level of Moringa honey?
Sugar level varies for every batch. Liquid honey is approximately as sweet as sugar, yet it contains only 70-80 grams of carbohydrates per 100 g.

3) How does it differ from Normal honey?
Moringa honey is nectar collected from Moringa flowers, and so it is rich in multivitamins.

4) What are the benefits of Moringa Honey?

  • Nourishes skin and hair
  • Helps to lighten the blemishes on the face
  • Gives a glowing skin
  • Helps in detoxifying
  • Reduces Ulcer
  • Retains calcium level in the body
  • Stabilizes blood sugar level
  • Relieves from Arthritis/Joint pain
  • Rich in Vitamins, minerals & Bioactive plant compounds

5) Can Moringa Honey used for skincare purposes?
Yes, it helps in nourishing the skin and makes it smooth and supple.