Our Story

Deep-rooted in the idea - We believe that clean beauty & healthy eating can be sustainable.

We at The Good Leaf strive for simplicity and everyday products made with 100% transparency. We render you with purely natural, plant-based, and organic products that make permanent places in your kitchen and beauty stash. Over the years, the word natural has been on the edge and often played with so we make sure when you come to us, you can trust us.

Today’s fast age throws abundant light on chemicals and how they are fast-acting and you may be able to see the quick benefits from them but in the long run, these products do more harm than good to you - internally as well as externally. Drawing on our rich history of natural ingredients and sustainability, we create skincare, haircare, and edible goods that are incredibly effective and safe without harming the environment or animals. Because the products you use make a difference for your health and the health of the planet.

Organic Moringa Farming

We have chosen Moringa as our star ingredient because it is a special delicacy that most of us are unaware of. The nutritional value of Moringa is bestowed in each of our products. This magical plant can ace the problems faced due to nutritional deficiency.

We initially started with Moringa powder and Moringa pods powder but after researching and working up and close with this magical ingredient, we expanded towards edible and beauty products as it is so nutritious for both inner health and external applications. Moringa provides a high dose of Vitamin C, Calcium, and Protein, not only this Moringa also works as an Antioxidant, and with the daily usage of Moringa you can see a vital change in your lifestyle and health.

We now have Moringa edible products which range from Moringa capsules, Moringa powder, Moringa chutney powder, Moringa organic, and herbal tea, Moringa Rice Mix, Moringa Hot Chocolate, Moringa Honey, and Moringa Pod Powder. Moringa is also widely used in our beauty products ranging from Moringa brightening serum, Moringa face pack, Moringa face scrub, and Moringa soap. We also have Moringa hair care products which range from Moringa oil and Moringa hair serum.

We have our avid customers who swear by the benefits that our Moringa infused products have bought in their lives, here are a few of them.

Nisita here raves about the benefits of Moringa Brightening serum: “I started to use this serum when my face had a very bad reaction to a cream, it brightened up my face and my face was a lot smoother. I'm so much satisfied with the serum, a definite buy.

Anuba Balakrishnan here talks about the benefits of Moringa Oil: “Your moringa oil has been my savior for life. I apply it overnight and wash it off. My hair fall has completely reduced and I love the feel of post hair wash. Will Forever be grateful for the good leaf. Keep us the great work.

Anupriya here talks about the benefits of Moringa Face Scrub: “This is the first facial scrub I started using, and it suits my oily skin quite well. For winters also, it doesn't dry out my skin. Since I get pimples quite often, the scrub helps to remove the scaly skin of pimples and also removes blackheads to a certain extent. Overall, a reasonably priced and effective product.

The Good Leaf is run by dedicated and ardent women who support a good cause and pour their soul into every product we make here.

Women run moringa store

Founder’s Note - Here is what our founder, Deepika has to say about her journey as an entrepreneur in the raging beauty & wellness industry.

“I still remember my holidays spent at my Native village. I and my father used to talk so much about agriculture, farmers, imbalanced markets, and customers like us while walking around the farm. I started my research on how farmers’ produce is marketed but still, people don’t get good, organic, and healthy products to their kitchen including myself. Competitive pricing has made the farmers just cultivate using chemical pesticides whereas organic farming was hidden in the treasure land.

Amongst other agro products, I found Moringa as the most special and finest greens since it has almost all the essential nutrients that a person needs for a healthier lifestyle. Also Growing up listening to stories from Grandparents and their neighborhood about their struggles to sell moringa in the market at a standard price made me want to fix it with this superfood “Moringa”.

Then quit my full-time job to start with my journey with Moringa, The Good Leaf was created to bridge the gap between Moringa farmers and people who lack in nutrients and to build a good lifestyle. Started with only Moringa powder, but later understanding their needs and busy life schedule, brought in an easy way to take moringa in their daily routine, thus Moringa based edible and beauty products. I have never looked back till date as every experience has been like a tutor to me.”