Top 5 benefits of Moringa Leaves for Hair growth

"Moringa Leaves helps in hair growth."

This is a statement you would have heard often of late. You might have read this in a blog, or an Instagram story, of a Moringa brand. Apart from the fact that Moringa is a miracle tree, there are enough scientific facts that support the notion that Moringa helps in hair growth. Let us take a look at it in this blog.


Benefits of Moringa for Hair:

Hair growth is all about nutrients, and Moringa is a rich source of them. Vitamins A, B, C, E, Iron, Zinc, and more essential components are present in Moringa, making it valuable nourishment to the hair. Here is a detailed look into the nutritional parts of Moringa that boosts hair growth.


1. Vitamin A & B rich Moringa boosts hair growth:

Vitamin A is responsible for developing healthy cells and tissues in our body, which reduces hair loss. Moringa is rich in Vitamin A, helping in the nourishment of hair and its growth. Vitamin B's function is to create red blood cells, which are literal carriers of nutrients and oxygen to the hair follicles and scalp. With rich doses of Vitamin B, Moringa is a booster of blood flow to your hair cells resulting in better health regarding hair and scalp. The deficiency of these vitamins can cause hair loss at various levels. Moringa remains a natural supplement on this note.


2. Iron-rich Moringa prevents loss of hair:

Iron strengthens the hair cells, and Moringa is a natural source of it. Various studies have strongly indicated that one of the main reasons for hair loss is iron deficiency. By improving your body's iron content, the blood flow is regularized to your scalp and other parts of the body, resulting in a healthy hair scenario. Moringa hence helps with the growth of hair follicles by increasing the iron in the body. You should definitely check out our magic Moringa capsules, which allows you to maintain your iron levels without compromising your fast paced lifestyle.


3. Zinc-rich Moringa encourages the health of hair follicles:

The health of your hair depends on the health of your hair follicles. The damage of hair follicles is mainly due to the clogging and drying of sebaceous glands. When lacking, these glands secrete sebum, which results in weakened hair follicles. With its rich zinc content, Moringa facilitates faster recovery of weakened hair follicles and promotes sebum secretion. This encourages the oil glands to function well, resulting in healthier and stronger hair.


4. Amino acids rich Moringa supplements the hair strands:

Amino acids are the building blocks of our body cells. And amongst it, Cysteine is the most vital amino acid responsible for hair growth. It is a potent antioxidant that shields the hair from sun damage and other harmful rays. It also nourishes the hair with sulfur, which results in a thicker and healthier hair texture. The good news is that Moringa is a rich natural source of this. A small scoop of Moringa powder every morning will significantly improve your zinc levels and hence the hair growth.


5. Vitamin C & E rich Moringa reduces oxidative stress:

Free radicals that enter the body significantly weaken the hair cells and cause the greys. Vitamin C & E come to the rescue, for they greatly fight this plot. Vitamin C helps fight against this damage, while Vitamin E helps repair the havoc that has been already created by the free radicals. Moringa is a rich natural source of Vitamin C & E, promoting blood flow to the hair scalp and immensely nourishing its health.

Hence, Moringa is such a good leaf in all aspects, especially when nourishing the hair. At Good Leaf, we take pride in presenting this goodness to you through various products, all carrying the goodness of natural Moringa in them. In fact, we have an exclusive range of hair care products, including our unique moringa hair serum to nourish your scalp and hair cells. Check them out, and reach out to us to know more about this miracle tree, the good leaf, and its magic portions.