4 Fascinating Benefits of Moringa for Skin

The green tea leaves and turmeric can take a pause. Make some music for the (not so) all-new Moringa plant. The use of the Moringa plant in various forms has been there for centuries in herbal medicine. But no one can deny that all of a sudden, the Moringa plant is gaining traction and making headlines for all the right reasons. One of them is the way it nourishes our skin. Do you have any idea how much this super plant supplements your skincare? Here are some quick facts.


"Benefits of Moringa for Skin"

1. Can Moringa Lighten Skin?

Loaded with Vitamin A (the source of retinol), Moringa is a gift to those who have problematic skin. The presence of this shiny vitamin makes you experience near-perfect skin. It nurtures the skin cells to rejuvenate themselves at light speed and reduce tricky breakouts with topical application. It also fades blemishes, fights pigmentation, and straightens the wrinkle lines to oblivion.


2. Anti-Microbial Properties of Moringa:

The natural anti-microbial nature of Moringa dramatically helps in reducing bacteria-influenced skin inflammations. This attribute prevents skin breakage and irregularity, leaving you with a smooth surface to touch and feel. Imagine applying natural skin cream to leave you feeling fresh, healthy, and glowing. That’s Moringa for you!


3. Moisture Magnet:

And it gets better. The super plant Moringa is full-on with Vitamin E. What’s unique about Vitamin E for the skin? It is an effective anti-oxidant, so effective that it can be called the moisture magnet. When you step put to work out in the busy world, your skin is prone to pollution. That leaves you with dry skin. And that leaves the skin flaky and puffed up. But thanks to Moringa for its Vitamin E content, and the richness of Omega fatty acids, the epidermal water loss is prevented.


4. Anti - Aging Properties of Moringa:

Ever dreamt of staying the same all the ages? It might be possible for Moringa acts as an anti-aging agent. As a surprising cocktail of vitamins, Moringa catalyzes collagen rejuvenation, lessens pigmentation, and feeds the skin with nothing but health. By neutralizing the oxygen radicals that dent the skin DNA, it tangibly reverses aging and keeps you looking fresh and young.

Is there a thing that Moringa cannot do? Seriously, it is fascinating to look at this extensive set of skincare benefits from Moringa. There is so much more to discuss this good leaf. We keep it light for you to explore more about this in our future blogs. For now, take a sip of water and apply a Moringa facepack. If you are wondering where to get one, check out our good leaf store and the exclusive skincare products.